Pockies Shortwalks The most comfortable shoe in the universe,
Pre-sale starts: May 1st

Venturing into the comfortable footwear game is scary business. That's why we need some validation before we will spend all of our money on an invention that might not be wanted whatsoever.

Let me tell you some more about this (hopefully) amazing project.

We have created the most comfortable slip-on shoe in the universe and it looks amazing. It’s equipped with a light but sturdy sole made from 100% recycled material and we did not hold back on the fluffy business my friend. We went for real sheepswool that was responsibly gathered and regulates the temperature of the foot. This way our 'shortwalk comfort shoe' is perfect for a summertime snack-stroll but also for a mid-winter fondue session.

The results of the first weartests turned out amazing and we would love to make this project a reality while rewarding our early adopters for their courage and patience.

We will work with a 4 weeks pre-sale period before starting production. This way we will minimize production surplus which is great for our favorite planet. Also we would love to not go bankrupt on these badboys so this seems like a great way to avoid that. 

Week 1 (May 1st - May 8th):
Shoes costs: €49,99
Week 2 (May 9th - May 15th)
Shoes costs: €59,99
Week 3 (May 16th - May 22)
Shoes costs: €69,99
Week 4 (May 23 - May 31st)
Shoes costs: €79,99

After the pre-sale period only a limited amount of slippers will hit our webshop for the full price of €89,99

Important notes:
1: Production and shipping will take 100 days after pre-sale ends (may 31st).
2: If we don't sell a minimum of 1000 pairs we will not go in production and we will refund 100% of your money within 2 days after pre-sale ends.

Let's go and make your feet a little more comfortable my friends. 
Yours truly,
Your friends at the Pockies.