Job opening: Tiktok Talent / Comfort Expert

What: Create couch culture related content for our Tiktok account.
Where: From the comfort of your own home
When: Continuous
What for: 500,- per month
Who: The funniest and most relevant Tiktok creating person 
Starting: Whenever we have found you

Welcome to Pockies: the biggest Couch Couture brand in the world, here to make your time on the couch as comfortable as can be. How? With the finest homewear your search engine could find.

It all started out with boxer shorts with pockets, but in the course of our loungewear history we’ve also created pyjama pants, djellabas, pyjama shorts for women, hoodies, thickened socks, mayonnaise, t-shirts, sleeping masks and more. Much more, and all that stuff is made from the best organic combed cotton too. Not only is our clothing supersoft for you, it’s also supersoft for the planet. If someone gave out Oscars for the best homewear brand in the world, we’d probably win one. Maybe.

The Job:
Tiktok might be the most rapidly growing social media platform in the world right now. It must mean that there are loads of people on there in need of couch couture, so we need to be there. The only problem is: we’re over 30, slow, and way too easily distracted for Tiktok. Believe me I’ve tried and just got stuck in a Korean home appliances video category for 4 days straight. You see, this is why we need the help of someone who is more skilled in content creation and better suited to withstand the temptations of Tiktok.

We want to recruit our company’s very own Tiktok creator and will pay 50 bucks an hour to make some content that boomers will never understand.

BTW: This is the only job in the world where you can apply for via Tiktok as you’ll need to post couch culture related videos and tag @pockiesofficial to be reviewed as a candidate. That’s all you have to do, so we hope to be seeing your application right under those Korean pillow speakers/knife-cleaners real soon.

Creating Couch Culture related content for Tiktok
Writing giggle worthy captions
Watch ‘Valley Girl’ for inspiration
Going viral. WHATEVER IT TAKES (no hate crimes tho)!!!! 

Know your way around Tiktok
Have made a joke or two before
Live and breathe the horizontal lifestyle
Always hated playing outside
Love swiping, scrolling, and telling people about memes
Own a camera phone 

Provide you with full creative freedom
Provide the Pockies gear
Will get you a positive recommendation for your career in dental health care
Encourage you to work from home
Will pay 500 Bucks a month for +- 10 hours of work
Will love you for trying
Will own all content you'll make for us (MUHAHAHA!)

The funniest and most relevant person will get the job.
In case of multiple very funny people we’ll decide by means of a Mexican stand-off or just hire both
You can post as many submissions as you like. The more we giggle, the higher the chance of getting the job
We want to share your viddy’s on our own accounts, is that okay?

How can I apply?
It’s simple: create and post a couch culture related short videos and post those on Tiktok tagging @pockiesofficial. Our board of millennials will review all submissions and will select our perfect candidate.


We've invented the first ever Boxer Shorts with pockets for you to enjoy the freedom of not wearing pants while having the comfort of pockets.

Since people bought the ultimate freedom of pocketed boxers we've tried to expand our product line to all things comfortable.