We are looking for the worlds greatest Copywriter // Content Creator // Social media manager

Job description:
Are you the master of the pen? Lord of the chuckle? King of the couch and all-knowing on the subjects of reality television and comfort food? Oh... and do you know stuff about social media? Well then you might have what it takes to become Pockies' first ever content writer/social media manager.
Initially we are looking for someone that can create the most original, funny, self conscious social captions, newsletters and product texts in perfect English. If we hit it off and you can make some extra time we might like to add newsletters, ad-texts, commercial scripts and blog posts to your portfolio of duties.

In short: You'll become responsible for most of the communication towards our favorite people on the planet: our customers. We would like you to communicate within our tone of voice. That tone of voice not really well structured or tangible but if we think it’s funny it’s fine.

Besides writing stuff 'til your keyboard breaks, you'll be in charge of our social accounts together with an intern. Mostly Instagram, maybe TikTok, a little Snapchat and zero OnlyFans. 

* Can write perfectly in English
* Have told a joke or two in your life
* Know your way around Social Media
*know all there is about couch culture
*Have worn underwear on more than one occasion
* Have a great personality and one person who van vouch for that
* Are willing to fight our competition
*Are productive when it matters
* It’s a plus if you can do simple stuff on Photoshop

We offer:
* An exciting workplace filled with friendly neighborhood idiots
* Flexible hours
* A creative team to help you grow
* Decent salary
* A couch for a little nappy-nap
* A great but questionable addition to your resume

* Write copy that makes us laugh and feel redundant
* Create a social media planning
* Community management
* Smile all the time
* Grow our IG account to 1.3 million followers
* Write product + website copy
* Write commercial scripts* Write ad copy

* Let’s start at 8 hours per week and see how it goes from there. 

Sounds like you're the one for the Job? Point out 5 textual mistakes in this job opening text and please do the following assignment in English as entertaining as possible:

Here are 4 Pictures of a product we’ve already launched:

1: Create a product name 2: Create a social caption for the launch of this product ( max 100 characters)3: Create a product text (max 350 characters)4: Create the introduction a newsletter (max 400 Characters)

Send your copy and resume to and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

About Pockies:
Mankind. The species that tamed elements and lions, invented the printing press, space rockets and mayonnaise and can’t stop bragging about having opposable thumbs. Millions of years of evolution, however, haven’t led to prosperity and progress alone. Man is also responsible for wars, child beauty pageants and burnouts.
Fortunately, in 2015, three yung boys set on a journey to conquer these horrors. In their search for comfort, peace and freedom they tested countless recipes, chemical structures and foreign reality tv shows to obtain their goal. Then, one day, lightning struck and the trio immediately knew its life purpose: They were to create the world’s most comfortable housefit. The name of their enterprise? Pockies. Since that fateful day Pockies has fought for the existence of Couch Culture. First, with boxer shorts with pockets, later with an entire array of products to be worn on and around the couch. All with one larger idea in mind: to free the people of discomfort..